Travel insurance – for all the family

Travel insurance – for all the family

All travel, all year

The travel insurance covers if you fall ill or are injured while travelling. Your whole family can be covered on all trips – also when you travel separately. We just need to know how many members there are in your household.

Well insured

The travel insurance covers a replacement trip if more than half of your holiday is ruined, for example due to hospitalisation. 

How you are covered

Delayed luggage
Covers your expenses for buying clothes and toiletries if your luggage is delayed by more than five hours.
Evacuation and involuntary stay
Covers so that you can travel away from an area affected by war, terrorism, natural disasters or an epidemic.
Illness and injury
Covers if you fall ill or are injured while travelling and need treatment, medicine, medical attention or hospitalisation.
Search and rescue
Covers search or rescue of you if, for example, you get lost during a hike
Transport in connection with illness and injury
Covers transport to a place of treatment on your trip or repatriation to Denmark.
Trauma counselling
Covers psychological trauma counselling on site if you experience an acute psychological crisis while travelling.
Urgent return home
Covers expenses for home travel if a family member in Denmark becomes seriously ill or dies.
Summoning a person from home and patient escort
Covers summoning a person from home or having your travel companions stay with you if you become seriously ill or injured.

Optional covers

Accident/Travel accident
Covers if you are injured in an accident and suffer permanent injury. For those whose accident insurance does not cover abroad.
Covers so that you can cancel your trip if you fall ill or are injured. Also covers major life changes such as losing your job or divorce.
Extended travel insurance
Covers more unforeseen expenses while travelling, e.g. transport delay and damage to rented holiday home, car, motorcycle or moped.
Ski holiday
Covers replacement trip or compensation for ruined travel days if you are injured while skiing or snowboarding.
Worldwide travel
Covers your travels worldwide.

Product information

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