House insurance covers damage to your house and garden

House insurance covers damage to your house and garden

DKK 0 in excess

You can opt for an excess of DKK 0. This means that you will pay no excess for most insurance claims – including cloudburst and sudden thaw.

With house insurance, you are thoroughly covered in the event of damage to your house or garden by fire, storm, theft, vandalism etc. You may take out extra cover for, for example, water damage or pests.

Benefits for Danske Bank customers

Always Home help with your house insurance

With Home help, your insurance cover includes emergency tree felling, thawing of frozen water pipes and removal of drift snow.
A rat blocker may be included

A rat blocker is included if you choose the house insurance super package.
No special excess

No special excess in connection with cloudburst cover as part of your house insurance.

How are you covered

Covers damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, sooting, short circuiting and electrical damage.
Pipes and cables
Covers leaks in hidden pipes and electric cables.
Private legal assistance
Covers legal expenses, for example in case of a dispute with builders about incorrectly performed work on your house.
Covers rot damage to wood caused by fungi or bacteria.
Service line
Covers leaks in sewer pipes between the house and the road and in water, heating, and gas pipes and electricity cables etc.
Theft and vandalism
Covers damage caused by theft, vandalism and collision.
Covers sudden damage to pipes and electrical installations caused by storm, snow, cloudburst and frost burst.
Glass and sanitary ware
Covers glass and sanitary ware breakage, e.g. accidental damage to windows, ceramic hobs and to toilets, bathtubs and wash basins.
Homeowner’s liability
Covers if you cause injury to other persons or damage their property.
Insect and fungus damage
Covers damage to woodwork by insects or fungi.

Optional covers

‘Mere tryghed’
Covers repairs after pests, malfunctions of white goods and theft as well as vandalism to building materials and your garden.
Cosmetic differences
Helps ensure that your house has a uniform appearance after repaired damage.
Extended water damage
Covers water ingress in the form of e.g. drift snow, sewage or groundwater or water from radiators
Get a rat blocker
If you take out all the various types of house insurance cover, you will receive a rat blocker, which we will install on your property to reduce the risk of rats entering your property.
Home help
Helps prevent or limit acute damage to your house or garden, covering e.g. the removal of wasps’ nests or help with a damaged tree which is about to fall down on your house.

Product information

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