Holiday home insurance – covers damage to your holiday home

Holiday home insurance – covers damage to your holiday home

Combined building and contents insurance

The building and your possessions inside are covered under the same insurance – all year.

Covers damage to your holiday home

The holiday home insurance provides solid cover in the event of damage to your holiday home caused by, for example, storm, rain, fire, short circuiting or leaks in pipes and cables. You can also choose to insure your possessions inside the holiday home – including electronics.

How you are covered

Covers damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, sooting, short circuiting and electrical damage.
Glass and sanitary ware
Covers glass and sanitary ware breakage, e.g. accidental damage to windows, ceramic hobs and to toilets, bathtubs and wash basins.
Homeowner’s liability
Covers if you cause injury to other persons or damage their property.
Private legal assistance
Covers legal expenses, for example in case of a dispute with builders about incorrectly performed work on your house.
Covers sudden damage to pipes and electrical installations caused by storm, snow, cloudburst and frost burst.

Optional covers

Contents insurance
Covers damage to your possessions in your holiday home in the event of, for example, fire, water damage, theft, vandalism or electrical damage.
Damage to electronic equipment
Covers sudden damage to and malfunction of electrical appliances belonging in your holiday home.
Insect and fungus damage
Covers damage to woodwork by insects or fungi.
Pipes and cables
Covers leaks in hidden pipes and electric cables.
Covers rot damage to wood caused by fungi or bacteria.
Service line
Covers leaks in sewer pipes between the house and the road and in water, heating, and gas pipes and electricity cables etc.

Product information

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