caravan insurance

Caravan insurance – it’s about being ‘tryg’ when driving on holiday

Also covers abroad

The caravan insurance comes with rescue cover, including assistance in the event of an accident abroad.

Comprehensive motor insurance with extra benefits

The caravan insurance covers your caravan or trailer tent in the event of, for example, theft, vandalism or fire. You also get a three-year warranty on repairs, a free service check of your caravan following damage and legal expenses insurance.

How you are covered

Accidents abroad
If your caravan is registered, the comprehensive motor insurance also includes rescue cover, so that you can get roadside assistance if you have an accident abroad. If you also want to be sure of receiving roadside assistance for your caravan in Denmark, you must take out Extended Tryg Roadside Assistance for your car.
Comprehensive motor insurance
Covers damage to your caravan or trailer tent in the event of theft and fire. The comprehensive motor insurance is voluntary – but if you have a loan in your caravan or trailer tent, the lender may require you to have comprehensive motor insurance.
Legal expenses insurance
The comprehensive motor insurance includes legal expenses insurance, i.e. cover if you need legal assistance, e.g. in case of disagreement in connection with the purchase or sale of your caravan or trailer tent.
Tryg Caravan
Extra service If you have an accident with your caravan. You will be contacted within a few hours by a Tryg caravan repair shop, and you will together schedule an appointment for repair. The repair shop offers a three-year warranty on repairs and a free service check of your caravan.

Optional covers

You can select contents insurance cover as optional cover for your comprehensive motor insurance. This means that your possessions in the caravan are also covered in the event of, for example, fire, theft, vandalism or water damage. Possessions in a trailer tent cannot be covered.
The price of your caravan insurance will be cheaper if you choose an excess. This means that you have to pay an amount towards any claim made on your insurance, and we pay the rest.
Extended Tryg Roadside Assistance
If you have taken out Extended Tryg Roadside Assistance with us for your car, roadside assistance is available for your caravan in the event of breakdowns or accidents in Denmark. You can receive roadside assistance and/or towing. We transport your car to a location of your choice within the borders of Denmark.

Product information

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