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Car insurance – both if you own and lease your car

Choose extra covers

With Extended Tryg Roadside Assistance, for example, you are entitled to onward transportation if your car breaks down, two annual wheel changes and an annual service check of your car.

With a car insurance policy, you are fully covered regardless of whether you own or lease your car. The insurance includes liability insurance and comprehensive motor insurance, and you are also covered if you sustain injuries. If your car breaks down, roadside assistance will be provided.

Special insurance benefits


Lowest-premium car insurance as 30-year-old

If you are more than 30 years old, you will automatically be entitled to the lowest-premium car insurance, no matter how many years you have been driving.


Safety pays

Safety equipment is not included in the total sum for accessories.


Courtesy car while your own car is being repaired

Get a courtesy car and repair warranty when using a Tryg repair shop.


Young Drivers

To avoid any extra excess, choose Young Drivers if you have a grown-up child who uses your car.

How you are covered

Covers injuries to your passengers and other road users in case of an accident – including their personal property and vehicles. Statutory insurance.


Accessories in excess of DKK 30,000
If your car comes with accessories in excess of DKK 30,000, you can take out extra cover when taking out your insurance.
Comprehensive motor insurance
Covers loss of and damage to your car if, for example, it is stolen or damaged in a traffic accident. Accessories of up to DKK 30,000 are also covered.
Courtesy Car Extra
Get a courtesy car for up to 35 days if your car is totalled or stolen. You will also get a courtesy car in the event of insurance damage to your own car right before a booked driving holiday.
Driver’s insurance
Covers if you – or another driver of your car – are injured in a single-car accident.
Excess Waiver and Glass
Avoid paying excess if your car is damaged by fire, theft, serial vandalism or falling objects. Also covers impact from stones and pebbles thrown up against the car windscreen and windows.
Extended Tryg Roadside Assistance
Roadside assistance and an allowance for hire of a replacement car. Also covers two annual wheel changes and an annual service check of your car. If your car breaks down, you receive an amount for onward transport to enable you to reach your destination in time.
Parking damage
Avoid paying excess if another motorist makes dents or other parking damage to your car without leaving his or her contact details.
When leasing a car, you must often insure it yourself – just like a car which you own. Comprehensive motor insurance must be taken out for leased cars, and liability insurance is statutory.
Reduction in value
You receive an amount to cover any reduction in value in the event of major damage to your car.
Tryg Roadside Assistance
Get roadside assistance when your car cannot drive or needs towing to a repair shop. You get a courtesy car while your own car is being repaired if you choose a repair shop affiliated to Tryg Roadside Assistance.
Young Drivers
Avoid paying extra excess if you lend your car to a person who is under 26, and damage occurs. Also allows your children to take out their first car insurance at a lower premium with Tryg.

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